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Applications for Admission
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Please be sure to check the Detail Information for submissions other than this Online Application Form. If you have any problems applying, here are a few tips.

  1. Exit the page and try again later. The system has internal glitches that may keep you from applying. 
  2. If you have tried several times and you are not able to apply, please email,, and Include your name, what you were trying to do when the error occurred, the weblink to the page you were on, and a phone number where we can reach you. We will get back to you between the hours of  9 - 5 pm PST Monday - Friday. 

Thank you for your patience!

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After being found ineligible for a visa, student may reapply in the future. The student should let International Counselor knows his/her intention.

  • Cancelled. DSO will cancel the SEVIS record.
  • Deferred. In case, student cannot enter the US with any circumstance by the registration time, student must inform the International counselor by the start date of each quarter that he/she would like to be deferred.

Student should also provide the documents below when he/she requests the defer by providing the defer form within the start date of each quarter;

  • New Evidence of Financial Support. (To apply for F1 visa, the evidence of financial support should be issued less than 6 months. By the time that the student will have another interview, the financial support might be expired. Also I20 should reflexed the same amount as the current financial support )
  • Defer Form
  • Fee ($155 Defer fee)

Note: The student requested to issue I20 for 2nd interview, but still visa denied. (The student should wait to re-apply for at least a QUARTER. In this case, the student’s record will be cancelled.  Once a student decides to re-apply, he/she should apply to the school as a new prospect.